12/16/2018 – Breakfast with Santa Claus

This event is your council’s biggest fund-raiser and requires quite a bit of help. We’ll meet on Saturday, December 15 at 8:00am in the school hall to setup tables and chairs, prep food, and setup all equipment and supplies.

On Sunday, December 16 at 6:00am we’ll start with the cooking and finish all prep work. Breakfast starts at 8:00am and this breakfast is traditionally busy from start to finish. We’ll be pressed to keep tables bussed, dishes washed, and silverware cleaned. At the end of the breakfast (12:00pm) all the clean-up work begins.

Please consider helping in any way you can. A couple of hours would go a long way towards helping your council and your brother Knights. Thank you.

More pictures can be found under the Gallery link above.